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PROGRAMME DATES : 18th - 22nd May 2021

Welcome to Burren in Bloom 2021 Online. All events are free. If you would like to support the Burrenbeo Trust, please consider becoming a member or donating at

Tuesday May 18th (8pm – 9:15pm)

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 Communities Caring for Biodiversity (8pm - 8:15pm)

 The story of Burrenbeo Conservation Volunteers: 10 years of community-led actions for biodiversity in the Burren


Launch of Biodiversity Plans by six community groups in Co.Galway (8:15pm– 9:15pm)

Six community groups in Co.Galway share their biodiversity plans for their area. Panelists include Juanita Browne of All Ireland Pollinator Plan and Marie Mannion, Heritage Officer, Galway County Council

Wednesday May 19th (8pm – 9:15pm)

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 Debunking the myths about wildflower meadows (8pm– 8:15pm)
With Noeleen Smyth, Conservation Botanist, National Botanic Gardens

 Inspirational Community Groups and the All Ireland Pollinator Plan (8:15pm – 9:15pm) 
Una Fitzpatrick of the National Biodiversity Data Centre introduces us to the new All Ireland Pollinator Plan and two community groups - The Ennis Tidy Towns and Monaghan Dispersed Orchard Project who have done outstanding work for pollinators in their area share their stories


Thursday May 20th (8pm – 9:15pm)

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 My Top Ten Burren Bees and Flowers (8pm - 8:15pm)
With Dara Stanley, Entomologist, University College Dublin

Writing About the Burren: the jewel in the ecological crown of Ireland (8:15pm – 9:15pm) 

With David Cabot, Naturalist and Co-author of ‘The Burren


Friday May 21st (8pm – 9:15pm)

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My Top 10 Burren Medicinal Flowers (8pm – 8:15pm)

with Lisa Guinan, Naturopathic Herbalist, Irish Herbal Roots


Gems of the first water – Burren orchids (8:15pm– 9:15pm)
With Brendan Sayers, Orchid Specialist at the National Botanic Gardens and Co-author of ‘Ireland’s Wild Orchids'

Saturday May 22nd (8pm – 9:15pm)

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My Top 10 Burren Rare Plants and Places (8pm – 8:15pm)

With Cillian Roden, Botanist and Ecologist

Farming Vs Rewilding for Biodiversity (8:15 - 9:15pm)
With Pádraic Fogarty, Ecologist, Author and Campaign officer with Irish Wildlife Trust

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